Monday, December 8, 2014

Surprising Benefits of Green Coffee Beans [Guest Post by Ramon Mañego of Organic Superfoods Store]

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Green Coffee Beans are regular coffee beans that did not undergo the roasting process, thus retaining their green color. But the best part of this no-roast process is the retention of high amount of chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans. This is the secret behind the increasing popularity of green coffee bean extract in providing incredible health benefits especially in weight management. Chlorogenic acids have been proven excellent in losing weight in a relatively short period of time without the need of a crazy diet and strenuous exercise.
Other Green Coffee Bean extract benefit includes:

Reduce blood pressure level. Daily intake of green coffee bean extract can significantly lower your systolic and diastolic blood pressure. This is due to a reduced level of hydroxyhydroquinone (HHQ) which is generated by roasting coffee beans and inhibits the antihypertensive effect of chlorogenic acids in brewed coffee. Thus, green coffee beans are HHQ- free and a safe way to help you reduce high blood pressure.

Better diabetic control. It is found that chlorogenic acid has a similar function as insulin in managing diabetes. Regular consumption of green coffee beans can reduce your risk of diabetes by as much as 50% without any gastrointestinal side effects.

May help prevent Cancer. Powerful antioxidants contained in chlorogenic acids are said to be responsible in preventing the proliferation of cancer cells backed up by its ability in fighting free radicals in the body. Green coffee bean extract has an ORAC value of 2,500 which is higher than that of kale and berries.

Improves mood and brain health. Our brain produces a certain protein called brain-derived neurotropic factor (BDNF) that promotes survival of nerve cell. This protein is found in the region of the brain that control your eating and drinking functions and it regulates synaptic plasticity which is critical for learning and memory. It has been found that green coffee bean can raise the level of BDNF making it a potential treatment for depression, dementia, Parkinson’s disease and other brain related disorder. By taking green coffee beans regularly improves the neurotransmitter function in the brain to boost your memory power and enhances your learning and analytic skills.

Effectively promote detoxification. The presence of an enzyme in green coffee beans called glutathione s transferase help bonds carcinogens and other toxic matter to it and flushes them from your body. Green coffee beans also reduces the amount of damaged and stressed cell caused by free radical in your body due to the rich antioxidant it holds. It assists in detoxifying the liver and improve the metabolic rate of your body.
Don’t’ just buy any green coffee bean extract from your health food store. To enjoy the full health benefits make sure that you buy the top quality that contain 50% chlorogenic acid, that is raw and with at least 400 mg of pure green coffee bean extract. For the best quality Organic Green Coffee Bean extract and other healthy supplements in the market today, you may want to visit Organic Superfoods Store.